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Obama Administration Plans New Wave of Deportation Raids

May 17, 2016|Contributed by: Koby L. Polaski, Esq.

In January, we reported an operation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to apprehend and deport undocumented immigrants across the United States. The January raids represented a large-scale effort to deport families fleeing violence in Central America. In our January blog, we outlined our...

The Beginning of the End to Family Detention

July 27, 2015|Contributed by: Koby L. Polaski, Esq.

In 2014, millions of families from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala fled unspeakable violence in their home countries to seek safety in the United States. In response to this refugee crisis, the Department of Homeland Security made the tragic decision to open temporary detention facilities in...

ICE Arrests Over Two Thousand, Focuses on DUIs, in Operation Cross Check

March 10, 2015|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Aaron Hall, Partner Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 2,059 noncitizens last week in Operation Cross Check.  ICE’s arrests focused on those that it considers public safety threats.  According to the press release, the “vast majority” of those arrested with...

ICE Will Continue Implementing Secretary Johnson’s Enforcement Priorities Memo

February 27, 2015|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Jennaweh Hondrogiannis, Associate Attorney In the days following Judge Hanen’s decision to temporarily enjoin implementation of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DAPA), there have...

Timeline for Deferred Action Applications Following President’s Announcement

November 24, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Aaron Hall, Partner United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency that will be deciding applications for deferred action under the new programs announced by President Obama on November 20, 2014.  USCIS is not currently accepting applications but has...

Impact and Analysis of the President’s Executive Action on Immigration

November 21, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Amber Blasingame, Associate Attorney, Colorado Springs President Obama’s announcement brings much needed relief to millions of undocumented immigrants. However, President’s executive action on immigration will not be a panacea for all undocumented immigrants and will only...

President Obama Expected to Take Executive Action on Immigration in the Coming Days

November 18, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Koby Polaski, Senior Attorney President Obama plans to announce as soon as this week a broad overhaul of the United States immigration system that will reach up to five million undocumented immigrants. Major news sources report that President Obama will use the full force of his...

Is Colorado Ready for Unaccompanied Minor Children?

August 1, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Kim Tremblay, Associate Attorney Recently, the media has been relaying stories about the surge of children appearing at our borders; indeed, more than 50,000 minors have entered the United States since October. They are fleeing violence and poverty.  They are mostly citizens of in...

Jeff Joseph Files Federal Lawsuit To Ensure Access To Justice For All Non-Citizens

April 24, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Jeff Joseph, Senior Partner The Byron Rogers Federal Building at 1961 Stout Street in downtown Denver houses numerous federal agencies including the immigration court.  Every day, non-citizens, their family members, and their lawyers are ordered to come to court to attend their...

NYT FOIA Request Findings: Upsurge in Deportations Following Minor Offenses

April 7, 2014|Contributed by: Joseph Law Firm

Contributed by Aaron Hall, Partner The Obama administration has publicly professed to be focusing deportation resources on “criminals, gang bangers, people who are hurting the community,” and not on students or “folks who are here just because they’re trying to figure out how to feed their...

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