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Alex McShiras to Speak as Expert on Audio Seminar regarding USCIS and Notices to Appear

June 6, 2017|Contributed by: Alexander D. McShiras, Esq. and Joseph Law Firm

Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 @ 2:00 pm (ET)

Title: USCIS and Notices to Appear: What You Need to Know [Audio Seminar]

USCIS is authorized to issue Notices to Appear (NTAs) under INA §§103(a), 239(a) and 8 CFR §§2.1, 239.1. Join our experts as they discuss the use of this authority by USCIS, including: the agency’s past practice of issuing NTAs to most unsuccessful applicants for USCIS benefits, the post-2011 policy regarding NTAs, and what the future may hold.

Featured Topics

  • USCIS Policy Memorandum (Nov. 7, 2011): Referral of Cases and Issuances of NTAs
  • NTA Issuance Required by Statute or Regulation
  • Fraud Cases with a Statement of Findings Substantiating Fraud
  • Cases Involving Criminal Activity: Egregious and Non-Egregious Public Safety Issues
  • Advocating for Your Client Regarding NTA Issuance


*Michele N. Carney, Seattle, WA

*Robert Frank, Newark, NJ

*Alexander McShiras, Aurora, CO