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Sanctions Shift to Employers

July 23, 2010|Contributed by: Koby L. Polaski, Esq.

Under President Barack Obama's administration, immigration enforcement in the workplace has largely targeted employers rather than workers, a significant shift from the tenure of George W. Bush when fines were scarce and workplace arrests more common. Nationally, Immigration and Customs...

DHS Finalizes I-9 Employment Form Rule

July 22, 2010|Contributed by: Aaron C. Hall, Esq.

On July 21, 2010, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Issued a News Release titled "DHS finalizes I-9 employment form rule streamlining efforts to ensure a legal workforce nationwide."  The newly finalized rule is intended to allow employers more flexibility in the manner in which they are...

Utah Business Ignoring E-Verify Law

July 15, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

“Thousands of Utah companies may be breaking state law by hiring employees without using a federal work status verification program, but officials aren’t concerned and there’s no rush for businesses to comply because they face no penalties.” As of July 1, 2010, companies in Utah with more...

ICE Renews Focus on Worksite Enforcement

July 14, 2010|Contributed by: Koby L. Polaski, Esq.

In June, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released its five-year strategic plan for the fiscal years 2010-2014.  Included within the agency’s top priorities is a renewed commitment to the realization of an effective worksite enforcement program.  ICE’s two-prong strategy for worksite...

Homeland Security Extends Designation of El Salvador for Temporary Protected Status

July 14, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

The Secretary of Homeland Security has extended the designation of El Salvador for temporary protected status (TPS) for 18 months from its current expiration date of September 9, 2010, through March 9, 2012.  This TPS Notice  also sets forth procedures necessary for nationals of El Salvador (or...

Dream Act and Senator Durbin

July 14, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

Tell Senator Durbin Your Dreams!  Senator Dick Durbin, the lead sponsor of the DREAM Act, is gathering the stories of young people who would be eligible for the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is a bipartisan bill that would give a select group of immigrant students the chance to earn legal status. ...

August Visa Bulletin

July 14, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

The August 2010 Visa Bulletin has been posted.  EB-3 and unskilled workers jumped ahead 1 year.  There were also some big jumps in Family based visas.  For more information click here.

Stephen Colbert Highlights Need for Reform

July 8, 2010|Contributed by: Aaron C. Hall, Esq.

Comedian Stephen Colbert and the United Farm Workers of America are working together on a campaign to show  the need for more visas for foreign national agrigultural workers and for immigration reform in general with their campaign at  takeourjobs.org.  To read more about their...

Foreign Workers and Employers Requirements

July 7, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

Last week, the United States Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari to the Legal Arizona Workers Act, an Arizona state law prohibiting employers from knowingly or intentionally employing an unauthorized immigrant.   The petitioners allege that the Arizona statute is unlawful because it is...

USCIS Proposed Fee Changes

July 7, 2010|Contributed by: Jeff D. Joseph, Esq.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is proposing fee changes for certain immigration benefit applications and petitions and is currently seeking public comment.  USCIS is required to reevaluate its fee structure every two years.  According to USCIS the purpose of the...

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